Steamer stories was written well before Granny Kempock, and although my second book has taken its time in being published and indeed at the time of writing it still has to be finally edited, it is hopefully worth the wait,

The book tells the stories and adventures of my time spent as a youth working on the very last sea going paddle steamers in the world. For the people who lived in the seaside towns on the River Clyde, these ships were the life blood of the river and with their demise the river has fallen silent. No longer will we sea these magnificent boats sailing around some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. During the summer months holiday makers would pack on board until there was no space left to take one more and they were turned away to wait for the next boat to arrive.

Hoards of people would pour off the trains from all parts of Scotland, but mainly Glasgow to take a trip “Doon Ra Wata”. Benedorm and the Costa del Sol was just being invented. This was the Costa del Clyde and the sun always shone when you were on deck and good ruddy cheeks were a sign of health.

Officers remained above deck whenever possible, while below decks life for the crew was rarely dull, always very hard work and was fodder for stories that can never be told again. I have tried to right this wrong and tell some of the tales and recount my experiences in growing up in a lively and bustling holiday resort that has been wiped off the map by changing times and uncaring thoughtless politicians.

As most of the tales are about places and ships that no longer remain, I have supplemented my writing with pictures and can only hope that, at least for some, Steamer stories bring them back to life and restore their faith that perhaps one day the worm will turn and the good times can be brought back.