Granny Kempock

The book is an an anthology of tales from Scotland linked to “Granny Kempock” or the “Lang Stane”. Ranging from 2000 BC right up to recent times, Granny Kempock has had an influence way beyond her seemingly simple appearance on top of a cliff in the town of Gourock in Scotland.

Overlooked, uncared for and left to local superstition, this standing stone affected Scottish history in ways that could never have been considered until it was investigated by the author Nigel Rennie. Kings and Queens of Scotland would not set sail without ensuring Granny Kempock´s blessing by having stones from the beach loaded as ballast in the ship. Sailors would perform a strange ritualistic dance and sing a weird song around the stone before they collected their good fortune charms for their next voyage. Newly married couples would visit Granny Kempock to receive her blessings for a long and happy marriage.

Contrary to the traditions of good fortune there are stories of evil. Granny Kempock was reputed to have been a witch that was turned to stone and spends her days staring out to sea frustrated that she can no longer conjure up the great storms that once sank so many ships. Whenever an incident happens at sea, you will still hear quiet voices murmuring that Granny Kempock was involved.

My initial investigations into the seemingly simple curiosity of the real story of Granny Kempock, led me through a maze of Scottish history that I could never have conceived of. Many of the stories were not published in my book as I quite simply ran out of space and time. It does lend itself however to a second book and I have started writing this.

In the meantime, I have included a number of short stories that I hope you find of interest. Please leave any comments or questions that you may have and I will answer these to the best of my ability.

Best wishes and good fortune.