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New Book – Black Douglas Chronicles

Coming Soon…………….

Discover the captivating saga of the Black Douglas family, prominent figures in 13th-century Scotland’s tumultuous history. Explore their legendary exploits, from Sir James Douglas’s daring feats in battle to the family’s enduring legacy as symbols of Scottish resilience and defiance against English domination. Delve into their intricate alliances, fierce loyalties, and pivotal roles in shaping Scotland’s destiny during this pivotal period of medieval history.

This is the true story of the Black Douglas family who achieved the greatest glory and fame of any family in Scotland only to be finally destroyed and attainted by their subsequent greed, deceit and treachery. 

Limited Free Offer – Granny Kempock in German or Spanish.

Granny Kempock FREE for a limited period. Granny Kempock has now been translated into Spanish and German. Free ecopies are available to download for a limited period.

Granny Kempock ahora se ha traducido al alemán y al español. Copias electrónicas gratuitas están disponibles bajo petición.

Oma Kempock wurde jetzt ins Deutsche und Spanische übersetzt. Kostenlose Ökokopien sind auf Anfrage erhältlich.

Use the Contact Form provided and include your name and email address.

The English version can be purchased on Amazon.

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