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  1. Me

    great, when´s the next one

  2. Lee Patterson

    I really believe that this account of the murderous activity and the witch hunts that continued to the American shores, where literally thousands (mostly women) were murdered in the name of Jesus for Spirit Possession, should be put upon Public Inspection in the most honest manner so that Our Citizens have a fair introduction to Christianity (especially American Christianity) and related religions. The killing in the name of God has to stop.

  3. Mary Jewson

    Were all of the other women burned at the stake? You do not mention what happened to them.

    • Nigel

      Hi Mary,
      As far as I can tell Marie Lamont was the only one burned at the stake, however there is a possibility that two of the others were also killed in this way. All of them were tortured to some degree or other.
      The Authorities in those times focussed on the weak, the elderly and single women who had no protection. Marie Lamonts´ case was unusual in that her family was still alive in the village and she was very young.

  4. Mary Smith

    You have not answered the question if she was a witch or a charlatan. What is the answer?
    I have not read your book yet, but it certainly looks most interesting.

    Best wishes,

    • Nigel

      Hi Mary,
      If you have received my reply more than once it is because of a problem on the web site – apologies!!
      The answer to your question is a difficult one to answer as Janet Douglas was a most unusual character who was wholly believed by many prominent people at the time.
      Janet went on to become a celebrity and attracted large crowds wherever she went, however that ultimately led to her downfall.
      Her story is told in Granny Kempock and you can judge for yourself.
      All the best.

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